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ViCiOUS SOUND SYSTEM – Weekly Global Radio

ViCiOUS SOUND SYSTEM est diffusé : NYC : tuesday at 3pm / wednesday at 07am in Australia NYC : wednesday at 7.00am / Thursday at 11pm in Australia NYC : saturday at 12pm / sunday at 04am in Australia Cette semaine : Vicious was born in 1992 and has stood strong and steady as the dance music industry has gone from a vinyl led underground movement to a global, digitally […]

ViCiOUS SOUND SYSTEM est diffusé :

  • Mardi : 21H00 cet (NYC : tuesday at 3pm / wednesday at 07am in Australia)
  • Jeudi : 13H00 cet (NYC : wednesday at 7.00am / Thursday at 11pm in Australia)
  • Samedi : 18H00 cet (NYC : saturday at 12pm / sundayat 04am in Australia)

The label collective has an energy and music driven approach that puts music and artists first, and as such will always stand the test of time. Constantly finding new music is what drives the labels, with the consistent theme over the years being new talent from both Australia and the rest of the world that makes an impact on the global dance music map.

The label and the people who run it understand the music and after so many years also bring a wealth of experience in how to develop and partner with artists to build long standing careers. Vicious also know how to get releases in the right hands…From superstar DJ’s, to radio programmers, to international label talent spotters, to streaming playlist creators or, most importantly, to the general public.

Heading into it’s 30th birthday year in 2022, Vicious continues to discover, develop and release quality electronic music, with a talent focused but business savvy collective behind the label. That, you can be sure, will see tomorrow’s new releases continue to add to the revered history that the Vicious collective already hold close to it’s dance floor driven heart!

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